Rainbow Bed

This bedsystem for children is designed to grow along with the child. The design consists of nine flexible parts that make it possible for the user to change the functions. There are three headboards that can be used in a number of ways, beds in different sizes, desks, small tables and for personal decoration. It’s important that the child can add their own personal touch, by customising the bedsystem by using different "add ons". This enables the users to add shelfs, mirrors, lamps and bulletin boards, which fits a child’s universe.

The bed is made of birch plywood and colorful recycled paper. The bed builds on two principles from circular economy. The first means that the bed can have a long life time, if defect parts can be replaced. And the second is based on products that can have a long life time by changing the designs function. With colorful metal joints the parts can easily be separated.

Rainbow Bed is a sign of modern sustainability that is suitable for parents and children.

Designed November 2019