During my last year of education, i had a 10 week long internship at VE2. The design studio VE2 is located in Aarhus. VE2 is primarily working in the field between product- and interior design. They are known for their great works for ZONE Danmark, Hitsa, Dan Dryer, Skagerak, furnipart and Stokke.

The tagline of VE2 is – revealing Potential. Check out their webpage for more information:


This year my class and I exhibited in Milan. The location was Via Tortona – Ventura Future. Together with many other young designers we showed new ways of thinking modern design solutions.

During the week from the 9th to 14th of April we had a 9 meter long stand, where we stood in 6 days and talked to interested people who loved hearing about our topic taboos. Thanks for all the great feedback and attention we got! #talktaboos


The 27th of feburary 2019 my class and I had a photoshoot of us and our designs. All designs had been chosen to exhibit at Milan design week 2019 at Ventura Future. The designs are made to the topic of taboos. Every single furniture has its own story.

VIA Design’s exhibition focuses on taboos. In modern society there are still many, more or less recognized taboos, which we don't speak openly about in public. At the same time we still keep them to ourselves if they have influence on our own lives. We have designed furniture with inspiration from, or as comments to, the various kinds of taboos we confront in our daily lives (

Our location was an old slaughterhouse called Tulip that was being demolished. There were craftsmen with helmets everywhere. A raw dilapidated place with a lot of soul, perfect for a photoshoot for taboos.

Credit to the photographer Morten Fog who did a wonderful job!


The 31th January to 3th of febuary 2019 I had two designs exhibited at this year’s spring Formland fair. My bench Nelio at FSC design award / the worlds’ forest stand and my lamp Tibo at the VIA University College stand.

Photograph by "FSC Danmark"

design award

The 13th and 14th of November 2018 I took part in FSC Design Award and Mad & Bolig’s Design Award. I had signed up my bench Nelio for this competition - a bench made out of FSC certified oak. Here I wanted to show a bench with new functions and a timeless design. FSC wants to draw attention to the world’s forests and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which is very important in our time to focus on.

Around 35 designs was represented at the award, and 10 designs became finalist. Nelio was one of them.

About my design the judges said;

"Nelio is both commercial and a very well made design. The furniture is not only a bench, but also contains smart storage options which adds different functions. The judges appreciate the design’s classic elements, which are all thought of in a new way. Nelio is, in other words, the design that comes furthest in the innovation of the classic bench."