Based on the taboo inadequacy, we have designed EGO. A design that consists of a bulletin board, glass and an acoustic decoration. The idea behind the design is that it should act as the user's personal book, as the design functions like pages in a book. It's in the book the positive thoughts are hanging and you can see yourself. When open, a space is created for contemplation, where design and user are connected. The circle is only complete when the book is open.

The mirror is a symbol of the idea that we must get to know ourselves and dare to face ourselves. We must remember we are all good enough. With the bulletin board, we want the individual to work with themselves, in the form of personal messages with a positive vibe. The bulletin board is also a symbol of one's self-development.

The name EGO means ā€œIā€ in latin. Ego has often been looked at in a negative way, and so has the ability of loving yourself. Often we are in doubt of ourselves and have a habit of talking badly to ourselves. We want to turn the page - literally and figuratively. Our design is a space where it is okay to love yourself and throw all your negative thoughts away.

Co-designed with Matilde Enemark (

Designed March 2019